Sunday, January 28, 2007

Arissa's Day to Shine and Misc. Ramblings

Arissa, before the service began

Arissa, at Applebee's for her celebration lunch

Arissa received her Sacrament of First Reconciliation yesterday morning. She was very excited and seemed very pleased after she spoke with Father. She asked Steven and I to join her in a private prayer and her words brought both her and I to tears. It was wonderful to see how God is already working in her life. She is truely a special girl and I am so grateful to be her mother.

During lunch I noticed she was a bit off. She said she was just tired but I suspected something else was up. Later in the day she complained of a headache and stomachache. She tried to take a nap and asked to skip basketball practice....I knew then that something was wrong. I found a walk-in clinic that was still open and off we went. Two hours later we got the diagnosis....strep throat and an ear infection. No basketball game today and she can go to school tomorrow.

This morning Isaiah woke up feeling puny. I told him to get dressed and off we went to the same clinic. Another 2 hours later and the diagnosis.....exactly the same as Arissa. Even their same ear is infected.

I know my kids and I knew they were sick, even though they weren't running fevers (although by the time we were seen Isaiah was running a temp). I am glad I trusted my instincts. Isaiah is out of school tomorrow but can return Tuesday. Amazing how quick kids can turn from great to sick as a dog. Just last night Isaiah and I were goofing around at Wal-Mart and he bought his sister a jump rope and an arrangement of pink roses. Today he is really dragging. He is CRUSHED that he had to miss the Free Throw Competition that Grandpa was supposed to take him to. You have to be 10 to compete and this was his first year to do it. Joseph and Joshua have been going for a few years and Isaiah always had to sit out. I told him there was always next year but that didn't seem to improve his mood.

My visit with the headache dr went well on Tuesday. She started me on Lexapro to raise my level of saratonin (added benefit it should help with my mood swings and anxiety) and also gave me a triptan to take when the migraines begin. I go back the end of February. She was very nice and very understanding. If I were rich I would go with the more permanent solution--Botox. I would get injections 3-4 times a year and the headaches should stop. It's quite the investment and its questionable if insurance would pay for it or not. Steven just might have to sell a kidney to foot the bill for my Botox. I presented this option to him and I got nothing back as a response.....I took that as a No. What's the big deal?? Don't you have more that 1 kidney? So far I've had to take the triptan twice and both times it was worked. It takes a few hours but in the end my head stops hurting. The Lexapro is killing my stomach. I either have no appetite or am nauseus. I can count on one hand how many times I have eaten since Wednesday. They say it subsides in a few weeks so I am going to stick it out. At the rate I am going I'll be a waif in no time (some people might like that look--I do not). We'll have to see what happens in the coming weeks if I'll continue to take it. Steven is riding my butt about eating but if it keeps my head from hurting.....we'll I don't know. Let's just say we'll wait and see.

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Aunt Carol said...

Give my love and hugs to the kids. I know they are disappointed to miss their activities, but they can't help it they got sick.
I love you all,
Aunt Carol