Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Week in Our Pod

Great news on the issue with the house. What could have been an extremely frustrating and possibly expensive problem has been diagnosed as old damage and easily repaired. Our roofer (why do we even have a roofer you September the top 20-30 feet of a dead 70 foot tree decided it didn't like the wind and rain and instead preferred to crash on our roof) checked out the space as well as our bug man and they both said it was damaged caused from carpenter ants that are no longer there. Nice roofer man is going to replace the wood and paint it to match at no cost. Seems like the house gods were smiling upon us.

Of course, aside from the headache this could have caused, this reinstates the "Great Debate": Which birthday gift does Anne want the most? I am still seriously checking out satellite radio but am so dang confused as to how that thingy works that I need to make a personal appearance at Best Buy and have someone break it down for me. I get that it is a satellite, what I don't get is how it goes in my car without looking stupid or taking out my factory system. Heck, I just got a blog what makes you think I am savvy enough to figure out something as complex as satellite radio??

Our peas have had a successful week thusfar. Steven started out the week with a basketball game in which his team lost but he had a great game; it would have been better if the rest of his team had a great game too. Tuesday, Isaiah had his best game yet scoring 10 points, getting several rebounds, and being aggressive. The last of which resulted in being fouled out with 1:47 to go in the game. Always the big boy, he came off the court in tears. I can't decide if the tears were a result of having to leave the game or the elbow to the head he got right before fouling out. His team is 3-0 with this weeks game score being something like 43-17. Arissa has been working dilegently on her 'r' sound. She has driven us nuts with an exercise that resembles an opera singer warming up. The problem being that Arissa is tone-deaf therefore the sounds coming out are less than desirable. Hopefully the anguish she is putting all of through will end with result we are looking for---the ability to correctly pronouce her own name (aRissa instead of aWissa). Me, well, I'm just me.

Thanks for checking in on us!!

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Carol said...

Thank you so much for the update on the house. I had no clue!
Arissa demonstrated her opera exercise at mom's last nite. Cute.

Thank you for going shopping with me last night. Good times, sister, Good times.

Stuffy and Itchy,