Friday, January 19, 2007

Head Update

So Dr. Nose has totally ran up to the top of my list of favorite people. He is hereby forgiven for all of his torture. Apparently, he stayed late last night to get all my info over to the headache dr who reviewed them this morning and thinks she can help me. So, I have an appointment on Tuesday. I am very optimistic about the dr. She is a mom, wife, career lady who also suffers from headaches so I look for her to empathize with my plight. People who don't have these issues just don't get it; which only makes me feel worse. Almost like they think I am lying. I hate that feeling. Half of my prayer was answered, she accepted my case. Now let's hope she is able to help me!


Carol said...

Yeah...... Since I haven't talked to you, it is so great to see what transpired yesterday afternoon. I am so glad and pray that the headache doctor can help you. It takes a strong patient to forgive her ENT (aka dr. nose). Does he realize that he was on your list and has now redeemed himself?
I love you to Saturn and back.
Keep breathin'

Anonymous said...

Your still havin' problems w/ the head? Me too but I think it's resolved for the most part! They finally found that it was TMJ, a mouth piece was formed and so far only one migraine since July (which is freakin' awesome). You know I miss your funny lil' rantings they always brightened my day! I know we've said this before but we really need to get together. Well I hope the Headache Dr. is helpful!

Talk to ya later,
Jamie Norton