Saturday, January 6, 2007

Today, I am the bug

After a great day yesterday, I woke up to yet another headache. I took Isaiah to basketball and headed off to Kroger to get some grocery shopping done. As I am pulling into the parking lot I realize that my original plan of ignoring my head was failing miserably. I bite the bullet and decide to get my scripts filled. Man, I hate the beginning of the year and when the pharmacy man told me my total I remembered why......Yep, insurance deductibles started over and I was smacked with a $70 charge. As I looked back at my overflowing buggy I thought for just a minute that maybe we didn't really need 2 kinds of beer and 5 different kinds of juices afterall. I decided I best keep the beer as Steven may just find it necessary after enduring another weekend of coaching Arissa's basketball team and listening to his wonderful, beautiful, rockin' wife waiver between her choice of birthday gifts (hey, it's not MY fault I am faced with having to choose between satellite radio, a new cell phone or a facial....I mean aren't I worth receiving ALL of them??).

When we got home, Daddy was over installing THE BEAST; the "must-have" Christmas present that Steven whined about. Supposedly it was going to let us get all kinds of HD channels. Yeah, it is so super dang cool that it is in the box, in our garage, awaiting its return to Radio Shack. While Daddy was un-doing and re-doing everything he had done he noticed that a piece of the facia on our house was gone. Further investigation revealed dry-rotted wood; evidence of some insect activity (termites, worms, beetles...who knows); and a declaration that "you need to get someone out here very soon to get this taken care of". Those words can easily be translated into....forget the satellite radio, the cell phone AND the facial, thank God you kept the beer, and kids I suggest you make that juice last. I wonder how quick I'll get my refund on THE BEAST?


Anne said...

i love you

Carol said...
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Carol said...

Steven... please do not delete or else.

I added your link to here from my blog.

Anne, I love you bunches, to the moon and back.


Carol said...

Oh yeah, Anne please go to formats and change your time zone. You are still on Pacific Time. I had to do the same thing.
Love you!!

Carol said...

Is that okay that I did that inspiration and hope part? "You are the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration."
You do ROCK silly girl!
We really need a life if you and I are the only ones posting on each other's blogs. Oh, wait a minute, I have Ms. Ann..... nannynannybooboo.
And stars and back again,