Friday, January 19, 2007

Why Oh Why Does My Head Continue to Hurt???

So--I had EXTENSIVE sinus surgery at the end of the summer to provide relief from my life long struggle with sinus problems/headaches. I thought it went head stopped hurting and I could actually breath through my nose (taken for granted by most but something I had been able to do for a very long time). That lasted 3 short months. I was diagnosed with another sinus infection the end of November then another one earlier this month (see previous post "Today I am the Bug") with debilitating headaches occurring more and more frequently. I said enough is enough and scheduled an appointment with my ENT (who, I might add, isn't on my list of top 5 people I like only b/c he wields torture devices and gets great pleasure out of putting them up my nose). He ordered a CT and we had the results back immediately. Wouldn't you know it, my sinuses are FINE! "Perfect" was his word. I mean, the opening he made is so ginormous I am confident I could shoot a marble through it! As he is telling me this I feel tears coming to my eyes. Don't get me wrong, I don't want something to be wrong but I do want a REASON. He is at a loss and has recommended me to a neurologist that specializes in headaches. Apparently, she has to accept me as her patient so I am in a holding pattern. Thank the Lord I hung on to all my pain meds after my 4 surgeries so I won't die before I get some help. In summary---THIS SUCKS!!

Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Husband At Home When You Go To The Doctor:

1.) Complaining about the magazine selection in the waiting room. Although, I was able to entertain him for 5 seconds as I gave him one of the quizzes in the Highlights magazine. He then announced he was getting "A Big Boy Book" only to return with Southern Living. WHOA--that's a real manly mag!

2.) After being taken back to the room, seeking out a nurse to give him a phone book so he can call the golf shop about some clubs he wants to buy. I am sure his hall-lingering violated several HIPPA laws.

3.) Getting sleepy from reading Southern Living and again seeking out a nurse to ask for a cup of coffee.....AND SUCCEEDING! Who the hell goes to the doctor and asks for coffee??? Steven, that's who.

4.) He doesn't hold your hand like your sister does when Dr Nose goes exploring. I was left to deal with the pain all by myself. BONUS POINTS: He didn't pass out which I will give him credit for.

4.) While you are wanting to crawl inside of yourself and hide in embarrassment, the nurses are getting a big kick out of him because he has this incredibly charming thing about him. If that had been me, I would have been considered a demanding snot.

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