Sunday, February 11, 2007

Parent Peas in Red

Sara and I dancing

My hottie husband.......Steven

My best friend, Sara, and her husband Todd

Steven's cousin and his wife, Johnnie and Melissa

Sara and I

Steven and I attended the Valentines Gala to benefit the Boys Club of Oak Ridge. We had a wonderful time. We ate, drank and danced until almost 1am. I am seriously paying the price today--my feet are so sore I can hardly walk. There were a ton of people there and we got to party with people we usually only see at events pertaining to our kids. Our neighbors were there and we had a good time with them. When we got home we realized that Tommy (the neighbor) TP'd one of our bushes. I, of course, ran in the house, grabbed a roll of TP and went to work on their house. I had no idea how difficult it would be to TP while in 3 inch heels, in an evening gown, in the cold and having SEVERAL rum and cokes in my system. It was an ugly attempt but I think they got the point. Getting dressed up was a blast; maybe this will become a yearly event for us.

This past week was CRAZY. Work was insane, home was insane. Everyday I felt like I was chasing my tail. We've had some dental issues with the kids the we've had to get taken care of (like immediately) and Arissa has strep again. We woke up this morning to NO HEAT. We are bunking in the rec room tonight (has wall heat in addition to the central unit) and we'll call a repair man tomorrow. Pray that it isn't something major (read expensive).

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Kathy said...

you didn't tell me about the heat. i hate that. you guys looked awesome last night. glad you had fun. i wanna be you when i grow up so i can tp in the middle of the night and not break something.

love ya!