Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aunt Carol is FINALLY a MOMMY!!

It is with great happiness that I introduce you to Ms. Maddi Stratman:

Maddi's first bath (hey, my nails look really good!)

Please visit Aunt Kathy's blog for explanation of events:

Here are some additional pics of Mommy Carol and Ms. Maddi's first meeting:
Carol's reaction as she opened the door and saw Maddi on
her porch with the sign that asked "Will You Be My Mommy?"

She was shaking and couldn't talk to she gave the phone to
Arissa to explain the events that were taking place to her
friend, Yvette.

Tears of joy...Carol is a mommy....and she didn't have to
go through labor to become one. Added bonus--this baby
sleeps in the garage and DHS won't be called!

Carol finally gets it together and calms down a bit.
**Check out the t-shirt. That was my doing. I saw it and
couldn't leave it at the store. Steven won't let me dress up T-Bone.
Of course, T-Bone is a boy dog who is a spazz and would rip it
to shreds. I did highlight T-Bone's fur. But that was an ACCIDENT!**

Congratulations to both Aunt Carol and Maddi Anne (don't know if the Anne part is for real but that is what I am calling her).

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are way better than mine!! Maddi Anne is really cute. Maybe it will stick. I had fun last night...and the night before...whatcha doin' tonight?? haha. Love your nails. Lookin' good!

Oggle Whim