Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holy Cow What a Week!

Well, since Fridays post things went a big way. Arissa began vomiting about 1pm Saturday and was unable to keep anything down. After trying some of the things the on-call ENT suggested with no relief we headed to Children's ER. We walked into the VERY crowded ER expecting to have to wait forever, not to mention she was covered in vomit. Apparently, being post-op with vomiting earns you a ticket to by-pass normal channels and we were quickly taken back to a room with a doctor right behind us. Arissa was dehydrated and refusing anything by mouth. They got an IV started and we waited to see what would happen. She didn't vomit anymore but she wasn't peeing and still refusing anything by mouth. About midnight they decided to admit her for the night to observe and we were in a room about 1 or 1:30am. She slept so good that she forgot to breath so respiratory therapy had to come in and hook her up to a monitor. I didn't sleep a wink, and while Steven claims he didn't sleep either, he snored like he was at home and slept right through the deal with the breathing. We thought for sure we would get to come home Sunday but she was not any better. By Sunday afternoon she was perking up and eating some soup...things were looking great for Monday to come home. That lasted all of about an hour before she vomited again. She slept until after 3pm Monday then woke up and started eating again about 5. The doc came back about 6:30 and said he thought we could go on home. We decided to stay the night since she had done the same thing the night before. We didn't want to get her home just to have her back-slide again. They released us Tuesday morning and we were home about noon. She was still very lethargic until Wednesday, early Thursday but spent Friday and Saturday playing outside. I think today the weekend caught up with her, she was very cranky and slept every time I got her in the car. I expect a full day of school to completely wipe her out. She went to the ENT Friday and he said everything is healing just fine. She has to go to her pediatrician Wednesday for a follow up from the hospital stay and to have the heart murmur that was found in the hospital evaluated.

Passing the time Sunday with her colors.
You can see the Philly Chicken Grandma and Grandpa
brought her. You can also see the IV taped to her left arm.

Wiped out after a day of coloring, movies and LOTS of
visitors. Cuddling with her newest fur
friends that the Duncan family brought her.

I was beyond tired when we finally got home Tuesday. Since Saturday morning when I woke up at 7 I had slept about 10 hours. I had to go back to work Wednesday and by 5pm I was in my office, in tears. I was so tired and so overwhelmed. I made an executive decision and came home. I slept good the rest of the week but apparently my body felt I needed way more. I slept all day yesterday. Literally until 5pm. My sisters called to invite me for a shopping trip about 11am. I agreed but less than 10 minutes later I was calling them back and bowing out, crawling back in the bed as I was on the phone with them. Obviously, that is what I needed b/c I woke today refreshed and ready to face the world.

Lets hope that this week is MUCH calmer than last!

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Anonymous said...

glad things are calming down with you all!! Did Arissa decide to play softball? AC