Monday, March 5, 2007

Sprichst du Deutsches?

Isaiah with his project board

Closer view of my handiwork, oh I mean HIS handiwork

Arissa's reaction to the German Biscuits we made

Isaiah before he actually tasted the biscuits

Lets just say that I may be German but my palate is 100% American. Isaiah and I made German biscuits for his project tomorrow. I now wonder why on Earth we thought they may be halfway decent when the ingredients were flour, egg whites, butter, parsley and salt. The recipe called for 3 eggs....a dozen eggs later and we actually had the mixture in the oven. Great thing about these Germans....their cook time states "until golden brown". Um, HELLO, I do not have a golden brown button on my oven. So we spent the next 20 minutes setting the timer for 5 minute at a time. It ended up looking like cornbread with parsley flakes in it. Tasted NOTHING like cornbread.....more like spongy pancakes with no flavor.

This dish made the DON'T MAKE AGAIN LIST.....suits me just fine! Next time, the kid better pick a country with food I actually know how to make....French Fries anyone??

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Kathy said...

first off, you have to translate the title. I want to guess it would say speak german? 10 points if i am right. minus 6 if i am wrong. second, they don't make french fries in france. duh!!! lol. I wouldn't have had the nerve to taste them. something abot a cookie needing parsley that kills it for me.

off to google the lyrics of which you spoke.....