Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Week

Well another week of summer has passed......Arissa has almost completely healed from her bike wreck. The elbow looks great and the knee has finally scabbed. She has started cheerleading practice and gone to cheer camp. The injury hasn't slowed her down one bit. She is on a squad this year that will compete so that takes up 3 nights of our week. She will also be on the squad that cheers for the football team. I am the assistant coach for the football squad so things are pretty busy for us and are going to get much more so once the football squad starts practicing.

Isaiah has 1 week of summer school left. He said he really likes it and he feels like it is helping so it seems like we made the right choice in enrolling him in the enrichment classes. The only part that both of us hate is having to get up so early! He gets up at 7:15 and we leave at 7:45. For most I am sure that time isn't early at all but considering it is summer and I am not working it makes it very hard to get up and get going.

Arissa got her hair done at a salon. I found that the TN School of Beauty only charges $26 to do her corn-rows. We decided to give it a shot and we were both very pleased. We took her portable DVD player so she sat in the chair and watched a movie while they braided her up. The stylists were all very impressed with her behavior. We have an appt to get them re-done in a few weeks. The stylist mentioned that her braids will hold better if we add some weave to her natural hair. So we got pink hair. He is going to braid it in next time we go and then the next time she can't have pink. School and cheerleading will be starting and I don't think the school or the cheer judges would find the humor in pink hair!

Last Friday I had an out of body experience. I had energy that I hadn't had in months. I took the 2 sets of mattress/box springs out of Isaiah's room; took apart his bunk beds; hauled all the parts down to the garage; cleaned every inch of his hardwood. Then we went to Arissa's room--hauled her mattress/box spring to the garage; her frame and headboard; and cleaned her hardwood. Went to the mattress store and got her a new mattress/boxspring and 3 frames. Came back, hauled the new bedding upstairs; assembled the frames; but all 3 beds on their frames and left again. We got Arissa new bedding (her previous bed was a twin and her new one is a full size), lamp, side table, pillows. Then to K-Mart to find Isaiah a new stand for his TV and to Radio Shack to get Daddy his Fathers Day gift. Came back, made the beds, assembled the stand and cleaned up. It was hard work! Isaiah was a great help to me! We did all of this while Steven was at work and Arissa wasn't much help with her injuries but Isaiah did a great job. He used muscles he didn't know he had and we were both sore the next morning. But, we bonded and made memories so that makes it all worth it.

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