Sunday, June 10, 2007

Deers and Ears

Well, Aunt Carol got herself a new ride. A super cute 2006 KIA Sportage, 4400 miles, pristine condition. Until last night, that is. A mere 21 hours after driving it off the lot a deer decided to hit her. She is okay but the same can't be said about the car. Poor Carol, she finally gets a nice ride and Bambi decides to commit suicide and leaped right out in front of Carol. The damage is significant and the car isn't drivable. Mom is in Palm Beach taking care of her sick mom so we took Carol Mom's car so she will have something to drive until the insurance can get her claim going and get her a rental.

Last night about 9pm I was hit with terrible ear pain that radiated down through my jaw. I woke up with the same pain and was whining. So Steven took me to the walk in clinic. I have a double ear infection. I feel like a 2 year old. I seem too old to have such ailments as ear infections. Of course, I am far from normal so I really shouldn't be surprised. I now know what my kids have felt with their ear infections. No wonder they were such crabs, this thing really, really hurts.

The umbrella survived. It is a bit crooked but other than that it is okay.

The trainer thing is going really well. I love my trainer. She is a really cool girl. Steven and I went yesterday and I did my assigned routine and he got buff. I am feeling better a little at a time and am trying hard to push myself to eat. I am keeping a food diary and while I am eating it seems like I am doing well but when I go back and read what I ate in a day it doesn't add up to much. Oh well, at least I am trying.

I am off to bed; Arissa is getting her 'do whipped by Aunt Kathy, Isaiah is riding his bike and Steven is headed to the links.

Remember--watch for leaping deer!

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