Wednesday, June 13, 2007

She Fought The Bike........

And the bike won.......

What a great way to start off our summer. A mere 20 days after learning how to ride a bike, Arissa had a disagreement with what direction the bike wanted to go and ended up eating pavement, or as the photos below will show, the pavement ate her. Although she was wearing a helmet, she wasn't wearing knee pads or elbow pads (not her fault, she can't wear what she doesn't own). I came home from a funeral to the bar being covered in cotton balls, several different varieties of band-aids, ointments and peroxide. Steven told me that Arissa had a bike wreck and thought she might need a stitch. I called the doc and because of the depth of the knee wound they thought she needed to go to the ER. A phone call to Aunt Carol (at Arissa's request) and a drop off of Isaiah and we were on our way to Childrens. They got us in pretty quick and the doc took a look at everything and said that there wasn't anything to stitch. The part of her knee that needed to be stitched was gone (Arissa has tried finding it in the street!) so the only thing we could do was numb it, scrub it, put some medicine on it and dress it. She got really lucky. Her elbow is pretty bad. If she had hit it just a bit farther down she probably would have cracked the bone. She held up like a trooper and had her Aunt Carol and Daddy jumping at her every request. She didn't sleep well last night and ended up in our bed and I got wedged out. I went to her bed and tried to sleep. Let me just say, the child needs a new bed BAD! I should have just slept on the deck, it would probably have been softer. Oh well, at least her and Steven slept well.

The elbow injury

The knee wound (covered with a numbing gel
and clear covering).

Always dramatic, Arissa is playing dead.
You all know what is coming next.....

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