Monday, June 4, 2007

Sports Bras and Yoga Pants

So I dreamt the other night about sports bras and yoga pants. I think it was my mind reminding me of my decision to feel better. So today I did it. I joined a gym and got a trainer. I go for the first time tomorrow. In true Anne style, this also meant purchasing cute work-out clothes and suitable footwear. I never realized how small ones bust looks in a sports bra. Of course, when you have nothing to begin with this only magnifies the situation. This fact was confirmed when I showed Isaiah and Arissa the first outfit in the dressing room and Isaiah promptly asks "um, Mom, where did your boobs go?" My reply was honest....."son, they are laying in the dressing room floor". Not sure if Isaiah got what I was saying but the reply must have satisfied his curiosity b/c he didn't say anything else. Bonus for taking your kids with you shopping--Isaiah was so kind to point out that the white tank (although lined) did not hide the very unappealing part of ones chest. Nothing says close relationship with son like him pointing out that your nips are showing. Man I love that kid. Please pray for my trainer. I'm not sure she is fully aware of the true princess/pain in the butt/whiner I can be. I did make it clear to the guy that toured me today that I will not be apart of any activities that will mess up my mani and pedi. He laughed. I hope he knows how serious I am.

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