Friday, August 17, 2007

This and That

So far, Isaiah is not fairing well on his bet with Steven. Steven said over 4 keys lost and Isaiah said under 4 keys lost. On the second day of school the kid had already lost the first key. If we don't get robbed it will be a miracle.

Steven celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday (although according to his mother he is only 34. It took 2 minutes of arguing with her to convince her that he is really 37). He got a new driver, lunch at Applebee's and spend a wonderful day with yours truely. He also got to play golf with my Daddy. From what I hear, the golf gods weren't smiling upon Daddy yesterday. I think the extreme heat somehow warped his clubs and that is why the balls didn't go his way; it was in no way related to operator error.

Tonight Arissa is going to a High School Musical 2 premier party at a friends house. Better there than here is all I can say.

Tomorrow we have another middle of the day game scheduled. 1pm start time which translates into 1:30 start time. Last Saturday we quit after half-time. Our girls were dropping like flies and the boys had the victory wrapped up. Not sure how many of our squad will be able to make it the whole game. Being a coach makes taking pictures difficult but I'll try.

The Melting Pea,
Anna Fo-Fanna

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