Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Check out the belly!

The Face of Misery

Cuisine in its highest form

Only special people get to have slumber parties
in the hospital!

Arissa and Aunt Heather at Open House

Arissa and Isaiah at Open House

Well I am home from the hospital. I got to come home Friday about noon. Heather brought me home then headed out to be with her own family. I am sure they were excited to have her back. We are so grateful that they 'loaned' her to us! Heather filled in for Steven and I at Arissa's Open House Thursday. Glenwood won't be the same now that Aunt Heather and her camera have visited. She indulged the kids at the Book Fair then treated them to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. She even prepped them for their spelling tests and bathed them.

Isaiah has broken 2 pairs of glasses in one week so he is flying blind these days. His new ones are ordered. He is also in serious need of a haircut. Poor kid looks like a rag-muffin! We'll get him straightened out eventually.

COOKIE DOUGH UPDATE: Arissa sold 22 tubs of cookie dough! The dough is in. If I haven't contacted you yet I will be soon to arrange delivery. Again, thank you all so much for helping!

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