Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sick Already? And Other Stuff.....

So Arissa is ill (keep in mind school hasn't been in session one full month yet). She has been a royal crab since Sunday when the neighbors tried to do a pray-by and throw little green Bibles at us and it has manifested into a stomach ache, headache and the most annoying cough around. I have yelled at her several times to STOP COUGHING but she just keeps on. Isaiah even told her that stop means stop NOW. All I could find was Dimetapp Cold & Allergy and I figured at least it would make her go to sleep. Nope, she is laying in bed coughing and whining. We decided a few shots of Chloraseptic might quell the cough so she can sleep. (Notice how I self medicate my family? Isaiah has learned the fine art of self-medicating; he firmly believes that Nasonex or gauze is the fix for any and all that ails you). The child cried and threw a fit like we were giving her a shot. She actually SPIT THE MEDICINE OUT LIKE A TWO YEAR OLD. Now, those of you that know me know that I was absent the day that God gave out patience. So, as the sane, loving, caring, patient parent that I am I fussed at her for acting so silly. I mean, when I was a kid, any illness that called for either Sucrets (remember the little tin box?) or Chloraseptic made for a joyous day. Considering that my mother firmly believed that all illnesses could be cured either with an ice cube or Vic's Vapor Rub (freeze it or fry it), a cherry treat was always welcomed. Kids these days are so spoiled! They don't know how good they have it with the $2 Add-a-Flavor at the Walgreens. Knowing Arissa the way I do, I am sure this will turn into a CO-PAY. I know this because she let Steven touch her!! He tried to tell her that her tonsils grew back. She replied with a very mature 'Nu-Uh'.

Moving on to other matters: I am still recovering from the great surgery from hell on the 29th. I had a visit with my pal, Dr Vick, today to figure out the deal with my 'pee-er'. Lo and behold I have me another bladder infection. I am now on my 3rd round of antibiotics and yet another bladder spasm medicine. This time I scored a 'famous' bladder medicine. It even has its own commercial. I am trying to ignore the fact that the fine actors in the commercials are OLD MEN. I could insert a lovely comment here about old men that can't pee or......I'll leave it alone.
Moral of the story, this gives me something else to take a pill for. I am still on restrictions until I see the doc in 4 weeks.

Isaiah had Open House tonight. I managed an hour and 10 minutes. That is really good considering I had two doctors appointments today AND I went to Walgreens and Staples. He was very understanding and even told me that if I didn't think I could go that it would be okay with him but I could tell he really wanted me there. So we went with the understanding that when I say GO we are leaving. I was able to meet 2 of his teachers. We are doing so much better this year than we were this time last year. I am thrilled to know that his Math teacher is also his homeroom and Core Study teacher. If the kid gets below a C in Math, I'll kill him. He held my hand to steady me in the halls and helped me navigate the crowds away from my belly. I love that my 11 year old son will still hold my hand in public. He gave me a hug when we got home and thanked me for going.

COOKIE DOUGH UPDATE: I would love to give you a grand total on the amount of cookie dough sold. There is a tiny problem with that. See, I was basically comatose from Aug 29-Sept 4 and I apparently hid my delirium really really well. So well that my family thought I was completely coherent. I am told that I gathered the order forms together and sent them back to the school. I have zero recollection of these events. Add that to the other events I do not recall: Gary and Wayne visiting me in the hospital, cleaning out the fridge with my Daddy, Aunt Carol being here, going to the emergency room, receiving and activating a new debit card, you get the idea. I do know that ARISSA SOLD ENOUGH TO ATTEND THE MEGA PARTY!!! I know that because she sold enough before 8/29. As soon as I find out the grand total I will be sure to let you know. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for their help!!

I need a life, all these rambling updates in a row!!

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