Monday, September 10, 2007

There's a Turtle on my Bed!

There's a turtle in my room!

Turtle house on my bed

So the kiddo's have taken to walking T-Bone. Today while they were out on their walk, T-Bone found a reptile friend. My kids brought home said reptile, put him in our laundry basket then proceeded to bring the basket to show me. Arissa asked me if she could take the turtle out and put it on my bed to walk around. Ummmmmm.........NO. The turtle is in the basket, on the deck, eating lettuce with the sound of T-Bone barking in the background. T-Bone loves turtles; they are the only thing he can throw around and chew on but not tear apart. We have saved many a turtle from the jaws of T-Bone. Turtles are slow/T-Bone is not so the turtle doesn't stand a chance of getting away.

T-Bone also likes frogs. We had a frog I named Prince that would come out every night and sit outside the sliding glass doors downstairs. I named him Prince b/c he was fat like Prince Fielder and b/c if you kiss a frog you are supposed to get a prince. One night T-Bone was going nuts so I went out to see what the problem was. I got down there with the flashlight only to see Prince. Bone was catching Prince then letting him out of his mouth. It was like once he caught him he didn't know what to do with it! I rescued Prince from the torture by distracting Bone and letting Prince hop away. I was certain that would be the last I would see of Prince, but lo and behold the next night, he was back catching bugs by the door. We haven't seen Prince in a long time. I think the drought ran him off....I can't bear to think of anything else happening to him. I miss that frog....

I should go make the kids set turtle free. I'll have them take him to Turtle Man (don't ask) down the street.

Mom in the enchanted forest-

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