Monday, October 29, 2007

not Odd, it's God

I've been in denial. I refused to think it was so. No longer can I deny it. My mono is back.

I've had the notion about a week now. It was confirmed at a doctors appointment today. It would seem that it is not meant for me to work full-time. I was told to go home for at least a week but that isn't really feasible (mentally or financially). So I am making up my own schedule day by day. As I said before, working for friends affords me that luxury and it is clear now why I decided to work there.

Steven was approached by his senior supervisor today about a job change. When we talked about it this morning we decided not to take the position as the hours wouldn't be beneficial to our family for the financial difference it would make. Then I went to the doctor and more details about the job were made clear and we've decided to take the position. He begins his new position and hours this Sunday at midnight.

Steven and I both thought the way everything was lining up for us wasn't odd, but God and so while we are bummed, we are at peace. I guess that is all we can ask for.

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