Sunday, October 14, 2007

The week in review

In case you were wondering, my voiding systems are a-okay. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that while things aren't normal they are headed in that direction. I would now like to end all talk of me and my bowels as I attempt to regain some amount of modesty.

The week started off with my post op visit to Dr. Vick. Gee, it seems like I just saw him last week! I will probably go down in GYN history for number of times to see your doc in a 6 week period. He was thrilled to see me looking and feeling much better. His office staff was also excited for me. Apparently I was the talk of the office b/c everyone knew of my issues. Everything checked out a-ok surgically. I am still far from 100% and it will take time but I am finally headed in that direction.

While I was happy to see Dr Vick and crew, I was NOT HAPPY with what his evil scale told me. I thought it was surely a mistake and weighed at home. Damn thing must be broken so I weighed at the gym tonight. Theirs had a troll standing on it with me b/c it told me the same number the other 2 scales told me. It was time to face the facts.....laying/sitting around the house with the only activities being hospital visits and coloring have packed on the pounds. Even my fat jeans don't fit. So I am back at the gym and watching what goes in my mouth. I joined the gym to gain I am going to lose weight. Classic case of one being impossible to please, I suppose.

Aunt Heather came for her bi-monthly visit. We managed to kick Steven to the sofa for 3 nights and had girl time. In typical Anne/Heather fashion we stayed up late, slept in late, took forever getting motivated and shopped. What a life we lead! We found us a super cool store that will be getting lots of our husbands money. I bought nothing....see above paragraph.....but was great at telling Heather what she should and shouldn't buy.

This week doesn't appear to be exciting but I am sure that will change..

Thanks for checking in--
Anna Fo Fanna

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