Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's a TRAVESTY I say!

Can you believe that Starbucks, home of the $5 latte, charges you for Internet access? That while you are at Starbucks you can get a signal from Arby's that would appear to be free but doesn't stay connected for more that 5 seconds? That you get a strong signal from McDonald's but they want to charge you too? They sell gallizions of $1 icky burgers a day and they want to charge you for Internet access?? Did none of the aforementioned establishments read the part of my blog last week that clearly stated "and free Wi-Fi to all"? I think it goes without saying where I will be spending my Wednesday nights..

On a serious note, our house has had a rough week. Steven can't seem to get enough sleep. I woke up with a migraine yesterday and stayed in bed the whole day. Isaiah is dealing with grief issues as a child he attends school with was killed in a tragic bus accident. Isaiah seemed to be dealing with everything fairly well until he went to school Monday. Apparently, seeing his teachers and classmates in tears was more than he could take. The situation is made worse by the fact that his best friend was the child's boyfriend and his best 'girl' friend was very close to her also. So, not only is he having to deal with the death of a child only a year older than him but he is also having to deal with his 2 best buds being so sad. Tomorrow is the funeral and I will be taking Isaiah. He has never gone to a funeral before but felt like he should to support his friends. Arissa has had a really bad hair week. It has been raining and her hair is like chia hair in this weather. She did wrap up her speech therapy on Monday. She picked out some nice gifts for Ms Linda and wrote her a nice card thanking her for her help and that she is glad people can understand what she is saying.

Thank God tomorrow is Thursday, then comes Friday then its SATURDAY! Besides the cheer banquet I am so in the bed or hot tub all weekend.

J&K+8 was great fun....roll over to Carol's blog for a summary.

Peace, Love and FREE Wi-Fi to all-

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