Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wi-Fi What?

Um, yeah I have no idea what Wi-Fi is, how it works or what those letters even mean. I do know that I love me some free Wi-Fi at Panera. Where else can you enjoy a tasty bowl of warm soup on a cold night and surf the 'net with total strangers milling around? What a concept! This sure beats my old routine of killing-time-on-Wednesday-night-while-the-kids-are-at-church which always involved spending money. By spending money I mean spending way more than the $5.31 I just paid for my soup and soda. I feel way important sitting with all the cool laptop peeps. I just hope no one is reading over my shoulder and I have to seek exile from Panera jokes.

I still feel like death on a cracker, for those of you that were wondering. I worked Monday for a whopping 3 1/2 hours. I slept ALLDAY yesterday and I mean ALL day. I worked from 9-12 in the office today then from 1-6 at home. Tomorrow is a refresh day. Heather is on her way as I speak for a visit. I am hoping her visit will help my disposition. I managed a shower yesterday. First one since Friday. Gross, I know. Guess what? I really didn't care. Steven told me I should get in the shower. I asked why? I just showered Friday. He laughed hysterically at me. He is used to it by now...he married a babe that showered, shampooed, shaved, applied make up, all that make you pretty stuff. He has ended up with a flannel jammy wearing greasy gross hairy person. That makes me think...could that be the reason he went to midnights?? FYI-the midnight shift is kicking Steven's butt and taking names. He is one sleepy dude. He hates the hours. He told me after his first shift that he was ready to go back to days.....that doesn't sound too promising does it?

I am SO EXCITED to be going to see Jon&Kate Plus 8! I loves me some JK+8 and to think they are going to be here in little old Knoxville! Kathy has already got us seats to see them Saturday night at a local church. Mom and Carol are coming too....wonder if Phillip will be a joiner? I think it is the lure of seeing real life TV stars that has me over the moon. In case you are living under a rock these days and haven't been enlightened to JK+8 you can click here: Now, if we could get the Duggar 19 to come to town I would be satisfied.

I suppose I should go get Isaiah. He probably wouldn't appreciate standing out in the cold while his Mom is still at Panera using a feature that she doesn't even understand....

Peace, Love and free Wi-Fi to all-

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Aunt Carol said...

FYI ... WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity

Isn't technology wonderful? Like me, you have no clue HOW it works, you just know it works and that is all you care about!!

Keep slurpin' that soup and typing those IM's...........

I love you more than broccoli and cheese soup from Panera !!!