Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Day

time spent at work.......1.25 hrs
time spent on the couch.......7.5 hrs

I feel worse since starting PT. I am pretty miserable. My neck and my jaw are killing me. I came home from work and took 4 Advil but that didn't help the pain. I took a Percocet and a quick nap. I had to pick Arissa up from school today so I managed to drag myself off the couch to get her. My pain was low enough that I felt like I could manage the grocery store so Arissa and I headed there. We got our shopping done and made it home for Isaiah to unload the car. By the time we got home my jaw was tightening back up. I started dinner and laid down for a bit then finished dinner. I made myself a plate and sat down to eat. It takes me forever to eat now and it is kinda messy. I told Steven not to plan on us eating in public anytime soon. He didn't argue so I guess I look as awkward as I feel. I thought eating would help me feel better but it didn't. After eating my jaw was killing me so I took another pill. Then the migraine started. After 2 Maxalts, another Percocet and 2 Phenegran I just about have it taken care of. Isaiah got my blue oil and rubbed my temples so I am laying here now just trying to take deep breathes and letting the oil relax me. I did pick up a 'doctors night guard' at Kroger today. I figure something is better than nothing as far as the grinding goes. I did get an appointment with an oral surgeon but they can't get me seen until Jan 7th. I asked them to call me if they have any cancellations so there is a chance that I can be seen sooner. I made some phone calls today about pain management but the people I talked to don't deal with TMJ. I have added that to my list of things to talk to my doc about. I know there are pain management therapies out there that don't involve narcotics.

Well, Isaiah just dropped his DVD player down the stairs so I need to go.....


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