Monday, December 10, 2007


I had my appointment with my dentist about my TMJ. He wasn't able to offer much help except a night guard to help with the grinding and continued PT. The 'custom' night guard isn't an option (not covered by insurance and way more than this budget can afford).

I had PT this afternoon. My PT wasn't happy with what the dentist had to say and said that my TMJ is way too bad to be ignored. He fears that either the joint with rupture or dislocate; neither of which we want to happen. I have an oral surgeon to call in the morning for a second opinion. My PT on my neck went well. I was rotated out again (which I knew and could feel) but it was a little higher this time. He got it rotated back in and then did traction/heat/stim for the rest of my visit. He showed me some stretches and exercises for my neck and my jaw. I am on soft foods only until we get something figured out about my jaw. I am laying on ice now since my neck is pretty sore from the PT earlier today. We seem to be in the middle of a December heat wave so the hot tub isn't an option. I plan on working tomorrow......



Anonymous said...

can't you go to dick's and get a mouth gaurd? dad

Anne said...

Not the very same thing, Daddy.