Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Steven doesn't have a game for the next few weeks because of the holidays so I thought I would go ahead with a catch up post.
Friday the kids enjoyed free days at school and then they were out until Jan 2nd. Saturday we went to a Christmas party and had a really good time. My ex-boss invited us to come to his company Christmas party and Steven, never one to pass up free food and booze, took him up on his offer. I had woken up Saturday at 5am with a migraine and had to send Steven to Walgreens that morning to get my refill of my meds so I spent the whole day in bed and managed to get up and get ready in time to go to the party. I am glad I went, though.

Firas asks Arissa to help give out the employee bonuses.
As usual, Arissa gets the first dance. As usual, Steven has
to steal kisses.
"He's always trying to steal my kisses!"

Our only spin around the dance floor.
Sunday we went to Kathy's house to celebrate Josh (14) and Kamry (10) birthdays. There were a few small kitchen fires and lots of smoke but the food and company was good. We came home and cleaned this nasty house. The last several cleanings were done by the kids and although they do a really good for being 8 an 11, its just not the same as when I do it. It took me about 2
1/2 solid hours but now the whole house is fresh and clean and ready for Santa.
Speaking of Santa, I had some shopping to do to prepare for his visit so yesterday after PT I headed to Knoxville. I was able to finish everything without too much difficulty. My kids have gone to the Bakers for a few days so last night I even managed to get everything wrapped. The hard part is done, just need to pick up a few gift cards that can be done here in Oak Ridge.
Not sure if the activities of the past 2 days played a part or what but man was I in pain last night. I was certain I was going to die my head hurt so bad. The kids weren't here and Steven was gone to work. I seriously considering either calling 911 or Kathy to take me to the ER where they have the really good drugs. I did neither and finally fell asleep. I woke up at 5am and my head wasn't hurting anymore, just the rest of me still was and especially my jaw. I'm still in my jammies and just taking it easy today. I am having real pain issues with this TMJ thing. My PT called my oral surgeon to plead my case and hopefully get me in faster but the doctor is out of town and that is why I have to wait so long to see him. I just pray that once I do get in to see him he is able to help me.
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