Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Times, Good Times

So the surgery went well. I woke up in terrible pain though. It turned out to be much worse than I had expected. They gave me several pushes of Morphine, Fentnyl and Demerol but I was still hurting very badly. They made me eat some Applesauce so they could give me the first dose of oral pain meds. I took that and was still miserable so they gave me another push of Demerol. That did the trick. I felt much better after I got that. I was in pretty bad pain yesterday. It hurts to swallow-it hurts not to swallow; it hurts to talk-it hurts not to talk. I can only drink water or Starbucks bottled frapps. I tried Gatorade and it BURNED. As far as eating goes, applesauce is the easiest. I finally went to sleep about 11 last night and slept really good. I woke up a few times but went right back to sleep. I am feeling better today but still feel like hell. The pain is worse about an hour and a half before I am due for more medicine.

Arissa told me last night that her back was itching. When I put lotion on it I thought it felt like sandpaper. Then I looked at her neck and it, too, was rashy looking and had a change in the pigment. She told me her head and stomach hurt. After I put her to bed last night Mom asked me if I was sending her to school today and I realized I hadn't even thought of that. I went to Arissa and asked her if she needed to stay home and she said she wasn't sure (Arissa LOVES school and hates to miss) so then I asked her if she needed to go see Dr James and she said yes. Arissa knows her stuff because Dr James diagnosed her with strep (positive rapid strep); scarlet fever; some fungal skin thing that pulls the pigment from the skin; and a yeast infection. No wonder she's been weepy the past few days..the poor kid didn't feel well. Dr James was impressed with Arissa's ability to self diagnose because visually she looked fine; her throat isn't even red.

So, after we left the office we stopped at Kroger to get her script filled and buy me some more applesauce and get her chicken noodle soup. We came home, ate, got in our jammies and watched DVD's on the couch.

Isaiah is coming down with what appears to be a cold. Thankfully they have a 3 day weekend so they have time to rest and get better.

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