Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Past 24 Hours in Review

Actually, it started Thursday. I had extreme jaw and neck pain. I am off my anti inflammatory meds until after my surgery due to the increase chance of bleeding they cause during surgery. I don't know if it would have happened anyways or if it was just because of that. I left work a little early yesterday and came home to the couch because I really wasn't feeling well. I took a nap yesterday evening then went to sleep about 1130.

I slept just horrible--kept having weird dreams that I was being robbed (Steven was at work) yet they were stealing our barn of all things. Mind you, there is not truck access to the barn and it isn't on a concrete slab but in my dream all that was left was the slab. I woke up to an arm that was dead asleep but rearranged and got back to sleep. The next dream involved someone close having a baby (not clear who) and I was faced with the dilemma of putting a picture of the new baby or leaving the dashboard Jesus on the top of my page. Woke up again with the whole left side of my body asleep.

I woke up again at 6am and that is when the 'fun' really began. I was puking to beat the band. I was up every 20 minutes and at times had it coming out of both ends (overshare, I know). My head and mainly my eyes were hurting so bad I could hardly see (MAJOR MIGRAINE!). It was a real struggle for me b/c as you all know, I can be quite the baby at times such as these and the kids were asleep and Steven wasn't off work yet. I was trying to keep it together until Steven got home but his phone was in his bag and he never heard it ring. I wasn't sure if he was coming straight home or going to the gym so I called for back up. Luckily, Kathy answered her phone and was over in no time. She had to wait a few minutes since I was, once again, in the bathroom. She got me to the ER and in her defense, she tried her best to have me sit down while waiting to register but I was sure I was fine. Um, not. I felt my knees buckle under me and heard Kathy scream my name and then HELP! She did great and I never hit the floor. They got me in a wheelchair and took me right back to a room (the plus side, if any, of passing out). I know I was sick because I let the nurse undress me and didn't even care that she was seeing my boobies and hairy pits. I proceeded to 'show' them how sick I was at least 2 more times before I saw a doc. Kathy is certainly a mom because she didn't even flinch while I tossed my cookies and she held my hair and wiped my brow with a cold rag. I tell you what, she took as good care of me as Momma does. The finally got an IV started and got some fluids and meds in me. They didn't mess around and went right to the strong drugs. They numbed the heck out of me but it was short lived and (it seemed like mere minutes to me but I am sure it was longer) my eyes were once again killing me. They gave me more meds. The same thing happened again. Apparently my blood pressure was dropping with each push of meds and not coming back up so they had to stop. They gave me a lesser combination of meds and decided that since I was better than when I came in, to let me go home with oral meds.

In between all this, Kathy left to be a mommy, Steven arrived and left and Mom came. Steven had worked all night (and has to work tonight) and hadn't been to sleep as of early afternoon so he called Mom to sit with me and bring me home. We dropped off my scripts and Momma brought me home. I made some toast and got a soda to try something on my belly. Mom left to get Arissa and Isaiah from Granny's and to pick up my meds. She took the kids home with her so that Steven and I could get some sleep and not have to worry with the kids.

I slept for a few hours and woke up feeling much better. I am hungover but my head is only a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. It was an 8 pushing 9 this morning. My stomach has handled the toast and a baked potato so hopefully I am headed in right direction.

I have to share with you the new Arissa 'do'. Her Aunt Connie (Steven's sister) relaxed her hair for her and it is stunning. The jury is still out about how we feel about it. Arissa LOVES it and so do I but its just so different! She looks really grown up and I think that is part of the problem.....

Tomorrow we will be at Momma and Daddy's to celebrate Mom's birthday. She turns 58 on Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMA! THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING HERE! I LOVE YOU!!

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