Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Post Op Visit

Steven took me today to see Dr Sexton. He was a bit alarmed at the amount of pain I am still in but felt it was within the 'normal' range. I REFUSE to let him make me feel like a baby. I have been through ALOT and I know what pain feels like. I know I am not supposed to be pain free less than a week out but I also know that barely being able to swallow isn't the place I should be at, either. He gave me a Celestol (sp?) steroid shot to boost the steroids I have been taking since the surgery. He hopes that will get me over the hump and feeling better soon. He was very kind and just felt that, for whatever reason, this is more painful for me than others. I really want to go into the office tomorrow so I hope these 'roids do the trick.

Isaiah spent Sunday day/night over at his friends, Jonathan, house. He had a great time playing their Wii. Arissa spent Sunday day/night with the Bakers. Isaiah came home about noon on Monday and Carol brought Arissa to me around 1. I was very proud of myself that I called on the people who had offered their help and took them up on their offer. Both families seemed thrilled that I called and asked for help.

As usual, both kids have been WONDERFUL about helping me out. Isaiah is almost offended when I get something for myself.

I need to go pick up my script from Kroger and get Arissa from Granny's. The kids have CCD tonight, which I am in charge of transportation for them and Kamry. I'm on the fence about whether I should fool with it. I am gone from 545-915 and I am leaning towards letting them skip for tonight.

The dance was wonderful. Arissa said that the danced to all the songs 'worth dancing to' and that Steven didn't embarrass her!

We've had some 'inclement' weather here. Black ice-no snow. The kids went in 2 hours late today. That is funny b/c Wednesday is a short day so basically they went for lunch then came home. They weren't even there long enough to earn homework. Makes my night easier!

So--I guess I'll just sit and wait for my 'roids to kick in.....


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