Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catching Up

Let's see....Sunday was church, back to Justice for Arissa to make her purchase, then to Mom and Dad's for my birthday dinner! Yum Yum, thanks for the grub. Good stuff: enough cheese dip to feed a third world country and chocolate eclair. The throat wasn't cooperating with me Sunday so getting down the fajita's was a chore but the eclair went down like a champ. Go figure..

I made a trip to Winchester Monday. Heather needed some help and I was too happy to get to help her for a change. She has done so much for us it was wonderful to help her. It was a short trip-came back yesterday evening-but worth it. I got to spend time with Heather and Savannah. Jameson danced with me in the kitchen and I got taken to dinner, Jameson sat next to me, and we enjoyed our 'date'. He was clearly happy with me cause I kept getting lots of hugs...the good hard kind. Of course, we let him have BREAD so that might have had something to do with it. Heather said he was wired like a banjo string last night. Who knew that bread was so powerful?

So the morning dawned with a monsoon. What a nasty mess! I took Arissa to school then laid back down for 'just a minute'. I heard T-Bone howling at noon (the emergency sirens set him off) then actually woke up some time later. I am guessing I was tired and needed the sleep. I'll try to make it to the office tomorrow.

Until next time--

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