Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day/Sick Day

The kids FINALLY got their snow day! Too bad they didn't decide until Isaiah was already at school for 45 minutes. The bus brought him home about 9am. It is BUTT COLD outside so I have said no to playing outside. With the recent sickness trolling through this house I don't think adding single digit wind chills and soggy clothes to the mix is a smart idea. I am not very popular for making this decision. Thankfully, parenting isn't a popularity contest.

Arissa woke up yesterday feeling like death was looming and asked to see Dr James. So, I called and got her an appointment. Poor kid felt so bad she didn't even get dressed. She wore her jammies and robe and was the hit of the office. Her flu has cleared up but she has a secondary infection...sinus infection! So, she wasn't going to school today anyways and could care less about the snow. She is happy for her brother, though.

So, we are home for the day. Church called and cancelled CCD for tonight so we don't have to go anywhere. Steven made it home safe although he said there were some spots (especially the overpasses) that were icy and he had to be extra careful. He is expecting to be called in early tonight so he is sleeping soundly beside me.

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