Monday, February 25, 2008

When will it end?
Of course, the trend started with me last week but how was I to know the rest of my family would feel left out?
You already know about Arissa and her flu. Then Friday morning we had not only Arissa and her flu but Isaiah and his stomach/head. So that was 2 kids home from school. The weekend saw marked improvement from Arissa and wavering improvement from Isaiah. Monday morning dawned and both kids were off. About 9ish this morning the phone rings. It's Kathy. Kamry is ill and she needs us to get her. Off Steven goes. He gets her here and settled on the couch. Maybe 30 minutes later the phone rings again...Oak Ridge Schools with Isaiah on the other end. His stomach is ailing and feels that he needs to be picked up. Off Steven goes AGAIN. He brings Isaiah home then heads to the gym (who can blame him?). Isaiah gets in his jommies and tries to nap. Steven's truck was still at Mom and Dad's from my ER trip Tuesday and we needed to get it since he has to go back to work tonight and I'll need something to drive Arissa to school in the mornings. So, after Steven worked on his fitness, we headed to Farragut, he went to the golf course, I came back home. Kathy brought Arissa to me from Granny's house as well as my Tamiflu script that Walgreens finally got in stock (I'm not flued but since Arissa was I had to take it for precautionary purposes). Isaiah finally fell asleep about 7 and has been asleep since. Arissa has since developed some sort of stomach issue. She is very pale and looks like she is in pain. We put the homework away, took baths, and watched TV together. Hopefully a good nights sleep will cure her.
The plus side of today, besides getting the dashboard Jesus, is I learned we have met our out of pocked max for pharm benefits for the year! WOOT! I think this might be record time for us...only 56 days! Actually, it was Thursday when Arissa got her tamiflu script that sent us over the max. Details, details, what really matters is the significant drop in co-pays. THAT makes me happy!

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