Monday, April 21, 2008

Mass with Pope

That is how I spent my Sunday. It was pretty cool to watch. I didn't see anybody I know but do have a question regarding the attire of some of the higher-ups. I also have complaints about the behavior of those in attendance. It was held in a stadium, I get that. HOWEVER, it was still a sacred place and the chanting and whoops and such were just not cool. I dig that the Pope is the "the man" but acting like it was bottom of the 9th versus the Red Sox for the pennant was more than my strict Catholic church behavior guidelines could handle. I did learn the Pope-Mobile is a modified Mercedes. Wonder if his Navigation Nelly acts up like Heathers does?

I planned on going to work today but decided to give myself one more day. I am sorest today so decided I'd hang out in my comfy bed. I plan on rolling in tomorrow even if just for a few hours. I feel like I've been punched in the jaws. I asked Steven if he punched me and he insists he didn't! I wonder why it took this long for the pain to really start? From what I can tell, the pops and clicks are gone. I am anxious for my appt on Thursday to hear how everything is doing and to get these stupid stitches out.

My food options have gotten very old. Being a grown up means a diet of mac & cheese, jell-o and pudding isn't very appealing after the 2nd day.

Some of my favorite people are traveling this week. Carol is off to DC for her yearly pilgrimage with her 8th graders and Heather and crew are off to Daytona for a week of fun in the sun for Spring Break. Prayers for safety and sanity for all is appreciated!

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