Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Me? Mom of the Year? HA!

So I went wheeling into Dr James' office today with Isaiah. Boy has a terrible cough/cold/snot thing going on and my efforts to self medicate weren't working (he has a cold; I was treating with allergy in point of why MD isn't after my name). While we were there, I asked Dr J to check out Isaiah's finger. He hurt it playing neighborhood football last week and it was still pretty swollen and very sore. There is a very good reason for's BROKEN. Not sprained. Not jammed. BROKEN. I feel like a real heal since I basically brushed off his complaints. I've apologized several times to the fellow and he's been very gracious about my flub. He did say that if I felt that bad not to think twice about buying him a gift.

I went to work yesterday and today. Both days I spent about four hours and came home in serious pain. I get very sore and it even makes my ears hurt. I see my oral surgeon tomorrow to get my stitches out and not sure what else. Hopefully I get a good report.

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