Monday, April 28, 2008

POP goes the jaw..

Friday was a pretty crappy day. I was doing my range of motion exercises and my right jaw popped. And kept popping. And is still popping today. I called my oral surgeon to see what the deal was...he says it's healing and part of the normal processes. I say bullshit. I have a sinking feeling.....
I did get my stitches out Thursday and got an excellent on my range. I am still on a soft diet and will be for the next month. They said I am supposed to still be in a lot of pain and the feeling like I've been beaten up is the norm.

Isaiah had an appointment today with his neurologist at Children's. His migraines have increased in a BIG way the past few months and we needed to get him some relief. He has a new med to take daily as a preventative as well as a med to take if he does get a migraine. We got him some lunch, got his scripts filled and we're hanging out at home now. He gets 2 teeth pulled on Wednesday in preparation for his braces. He has one more tooth to be pulled next Wednesday. He gets his braces June 4th. He could have gotten them sooner but since school is winding down and the Tremont trip is coming up we decided to wait for school to be out.
He brought home his mid-term Friday and had terrific grades; only 1 C this time! He is still having to wear the splint for his finger. I don't see any improvement in it but I am assuming it is healing.

Arissa is full of piss and vinegar these days. I am seeing the beginnings of pre-teen 'tude and if she keeps it up....she won't live to see 10! I'll leave it at that!

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