Saturday, April 19, 2008

Post Op Day 2

No pics today...there isn't much difference from yesterday. I did, however, take a shower and wash my hair. That was interesting. My incisions sting so washing my hair was a little tricky. I changed the sheets on the bed too so now I am set. The kids spent the night with Kathy last night and Steven has gone to a funeral so it's just me, my laptop, clean sheets and bad 1980's movies. I think I'm headed for a nap shortly.

The numbness is pretty much completely worn off. I wouldn't use the word 'pain' to describe what I feel; more like very uncomfortable. I'm being careful about what I eat and using the ice wraps after I do my exercises. The nose pain (from the breathing tube they put down it) is improving. I am still trying to figure out why I have blood in my ears and when I am going to finally get it all out. I feel a bit like I've been beaten up.

Arissa had a great birthday. I got to see her for about 20 minutes between my parents taking her to dinner and then her spending the night with Aunt Kathy. As long as she's happy, that's all that matters to me. She is having issues being around me b/c of the stitches. She said she can't look at me. I know she doesn't mean it in a hateful way. Isaiah said I was talking in my sleep yesterday afternoon and I scared him. Apparently I yelled something and he came to see what was going on and my eyes were open but were rolling back in my head. Poor kids are going to have nightmares! Aunt Heather can attest to my sleeping talking skills! Apparently pain meds make me do odd things in my sleep.

YUM! Birthday sundae!!

Silly faced girl!

No more carseat! WOOT!!

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