Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sassy Girl

The growing up way too fast Arissa, home from the mall with her loot!
The super cute purse on her shoulder came from her Aunt Carol.

This week has been trying. Tuesday evening even BEFORE I worked out I felt a headache coming on. I tried really hard to ignore it and still trained but by the time Steven and I got done at the store I felt wretched. Wednesday I had pre-op appointments that I couldn't miss so I forged on, trying to medicate and ignore along the way. Got home from that long process and had Steven take me to the doctor for some relief. They gave me a shot of Demerol and Phenegran and sent me home. I got about an hour of relief before the pain started creeping back in. Steven had to go to work so I decided that if it was still bad in the morning, I'd have him take me to the ER. When he got home the next morning he was dead on his feet so then I decided I'd let him sleep awhile and then he could take me. I fell back asleep with him and when I woke up it was gone. GOOD!! The next morning was the ribbon cutting ceremony for Sara's store and by the time I left there at noon, I could feel the pain starting. I went on into the office and forged ahead until 3ish. Finally about 6pm I told Steven I had to get some relief. I thought my brain was going to explode. I sat straight up, hugging my knees for 2 dark hours before the ER brought me 2 of the most painful shots I have ever gotten. I had managed not to cry the whole week, cause crying makes your head hurt worse, and these shots put me over the edge. I was sweating, crying, and miserable. Poor Steven's face said a million words. I think it all hurt him more than it hurt me. Good news, though...the Stadol/Compozine combo finally knocked the headache OUT!!!!

Today we did Arissa's birthday celebration. Her actual birthday is this Friday but since my TMJ surgery is this Thursday we decided to move it up a bit. She asked for chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, fruits and veggies. We also had jumbo vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and Birthday Cake flavor ice cream. The kid wanted cold hard cash this year so she could go shopping. She was so ready to go shopping that she didn't even wait for her guests to leave and she and I were on our way to the mall. Luckily, our family understands so we didn't hurt any
feelings (well, I hope we didn't anyways). We hit Limited Too, Sephora, Claire's, and Victoria's Secret (for me; not her!). She is sick (allergies) so she was more than ready to go. She is playing now with a few of her purchases!

Not sure if I'll post before my surgery. The professionals say it should be about a week. In Anne time that should equal to a good month! They did say it would take 6-8 weeks to get back to normal but the really icky part should be a week.

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