Thursday, April 3, 2008

T minus 14 days

I always wondered what the 'T' means....Anyone? Anyone?

So this week finds me feeling better than my last post. I slept until noon both Sunday and Monday and that seems to have helped my energy level.

This week found us busy. Monday was an orthodontist conference to get the game plan for Isaiah; Tuesday was the 3rd grade musical; Wednesday was church. Tonight we are hanging out at home staying out of the rain.

This weekend we have a birthday party to attend and Arissa has to get her hair done with Aunt Connie. I need to get this house cleaned up since next weekend I'll be busy with the store grand opening and then Arissa's birthday celebration. My surgery is the following Thursday so I want to be sure and have a clean house before then.

Not much else to report...

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Anonymous said...

the t stands the for time that an event is supposed to start.