Sunday, July 13, 2008

MINE was so much better than YOURS

So maybe it was because I was the spouse this time.
Maybe it was because I felt like ass (my new reply to when I'm asked 'how are you?' 'like ass, leave it alone' it typically works)
Maybe it's because this weekend involved 3 events that required not only my attendance but my social skills, smiles, cute outfits, you get the picture.
But my high school reunion was soooo much more fun.

The mantra from Carol's ED days kept tromping through my head...FAKE IT UNTIL YOU CAN MAKE IT.
And I did and no one was the wiser.
The only person that mentioned anything was a complete stranger that pulled me aside to tell me she noticed I had lost a whole lot of weight from the photo Steven had posted on the alumni webpage and she wanted to know how I did it and thought I looked great. I smiled and told her I'd had a rough year and a half and certainly wasn't the one to give diet tips.
Steven was very kind and offered to leave all the events early for my benefit but for the insane price we paid, I was staying! That, and I really wanted him to enjoy his weekend.

Friday night was bowling..I drank water and watched everyone else throw down on beer and deep fried whatevers from the grill. I bowled one game with Steven (yes, I lost by 10 pins); chatted with the few people I knew, drank more water, took more pills, we stayed until the crowd started to thin, got the kids from Granny's and came home.

Saturday afternoon was the family picnic. We being the family we are, rolled through Wendy's to get our picnic lunch. We found a shade tree to set up our chairs (I don't do blankets on the ground), I doled out the Wendy's order to Steven and the kids, drank my water and tried not to get too hot. I decided not to be social at this event. I know me and the sun and I knew if I got too hot that I would be sick as a dog and wouldn't make it to the party that night. So I sat in the shade, in my chair, with my water. I don't think it was a big deal...the people we would have talked to wanted to be in the shade too so they came to us. It was a win-win situation. Came home from that, took a nap.

Saturday night was the big party. Food, drinks, dancing, etc. Honestly, I don't think I would have had anymore fun if I hadn't felt like ass. The venue just isn't set up for such a gathering and the bar was crap. I had to get my beverages from the water fountain. Yup, your choices were beer or wine or soda. I drink none of those. So there I was, with a cup at the freakin' water fountain. The caterer was the same lady that did our wedding cake and I'm sure the food was good; I've heard great things about her. Being that it was the class of '88 you can imagine the musical selections from the DJ. I had a comfy seat on the edge of the dance floor with a friend that is also a spouse and we had a decent enough time crackin on the drunk people trying to dance. Steven would come by to check in with me and see if we needed to leave and I would smile my smile and tell him to go have fun and off he'd go. We left a little before 1am .
One of the times he is checking to see if we need to leave

I stayed in bed all day today and managed to eat 1 scrambled egg then this evening I ate a cup of broth. Hopefully the week will bring better days.

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i love u pookie mookie