Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Is It With My Family, Summer And


Isaiah has been down with a migraine since Sunday. I called his neuro last night for advice, we came up with a plan to get him through the night and planned to re-group at his office this morning. He used the dirty word 'admit' so I packed me an overnight bag and my laptop just CERTAIN that would mean we'd get to come on home. As you can see from the photo above, my plan didn't quite work out. Our appointment was at 11am; we got back to see the doctor about noon; the decision was made by 12:10; we had to kill 50 minutes for the doctor to finish seeing patients and attend a meeting. We were over at admitting by 1:15 and in our room at 1:30...a much faster process than going thru the ER.

The IV went in with very few tears and that was only after the nurse and I both told him several times it was okay to cry. Once the fluids got in him he started to perk up and we've had a vomit free day...a first since Sunday. His head is still hurting though nowhere near the level it was (now a '4' instead of a '7' on a scale of 1-10). His major complaint now...he can't get comfortable without making the IV pump beep and if it isn't that than he has to pee. Under doctor's orders he isn't allowed to walk unassisted (not to mention he has to drag the IV pole) which means every time HE has to pee; I have to get up. He typically has to go about the time I finally get comfortable. He is starting to fall asleep now so hopefully we'll have a few hours of rest...we have until 1am then vitals are checked then 7am for vitals and labs.

Isaiah has been very kind and very thankful for my help. He doesn't 'get' that it's my job, it's what I signed up for when I had him; that while it's boring and the smell of this place is driving me nuts...there is no place else I'd be tonight. Wild horse couldn't keep me from him. It's called being a Mom.

Oh..in case your wondering...he has a private room and Children's has free Wi-Fi...nuff said!

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