Friday, August 29, 2008

Diagnosis Explained

I just realized that I never said what was figured out during my 4 night/5day stay in the Ft. Sanders Stroke Center...sorry about that!

Long story short: Topomax.

I was taking it about a month before the pain and other symptoms set in. Actually, Carol, Daddy and I figured it out with the help of Dr Google (he's not always the enemy) and the doctors and lab work were able to confirm it. Time off the medication has proven the diagnosis to be true as with each day the pain is decreasing and my appetite is increasing. The more I eat, the more energy I will have and the better I will feel. My liver numbers are also lower..a sign that the medicine was beginning to cause damage.

Thankfully, I kept that appointment Monday afternoon and I was having a really painful day so my doctor saw the real deal. I tried to be a big girl in his office but I lost it. I was frustrated, in pain and sick; instead of writing me a script and sending me on my way like everyone else, he took the time to listen and find the answer. The Lord does work in mysterious ways....

This leaves me in a bit of a catch 22 about the migraines, though. I am reluctant to jump into another medication given this terrible experience BUT am also scared to see what happens with no preventative at all. I got more than enough of them ON a preventative so I really don't know what to do. We went with Topomax because it was the 'easiest', should have known then it wouldn't work with my body. I think I'll go ahead and make an appointment since I know it will be several weeks before I can get in and that will give me time to ponder.

So, there is the answer. All this time, all this pain, worry and misery because of a little pill.


dawnandjon said...

I am so happy you are home! Continue to get well and be strong. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

Aunt Carol said...

I hope that the Topamax REALLY is the culprit of all this evilness. But like you said, what now? You are still going to have to battle the dang migraines!!!
If you need me to Google anything for you, I am here.
Take it easy and I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how differently things can affect different people? I have been on 4 times your dosage for years with none of the side effects, and you go and have all of them! I don't have a clue for what you should do next...but then I haven't been to doctor school...I just want you to be all better.
I love you. Mom