Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh yes, I am still here

I had the EMG test earlier which, in my opinion, is a test that you should decline if ever offered. It involved shock waves, needles, shock waves going through the needles and tears. It was much worse than uncomfortable, as Dr Google had prepared me for. The neurologist that did the test (I now have 2 neuro's for those of you counting) was very kind and very apologetic but it didn't make it hurt any less. He did tell me everything was normal. Another normal that leaves us without an answer.

I have a good feeling about the morning CT scan...I think they'll get what they need this time. The GI (have 2 of those, too) is pretty determined to find an answer. I like him even just for trying. I'm not sure of the plan after the CT.

Momma spent the day with me and was able to meet both my ID and my GI. While I was gone to the Chinese Needle Torture test she left to bring me two very special pick-me-ups....Isaiah and Arissa! They needed to see me and I was able to sign planners, review homework, complete forms and feel like their mother. Arissa really wanted to play 'Hot Cross Buns' for us on her violin but something told me that wasn't proper hospital behavior so that will have to wait until I get out of here.


Anonymous said...

I had a few minutes this morning and decided to check in on you! I was in for a SURPRISE! I am so sorry you are in the hospital. Please let me know what I can do? Help with kids, come and visit, clean house? I hope you get some answers. Do you have any idea how long you will be there? Melissa

Aunt Carol said...

I would have loved to hear Arissa play Hot Cross Buns on the "fiddle". Then she could do her Lord of the Dance gig and Isaiah could act like a Power Ranger!!!
I love you !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

okay so i feel a little dumb I didn't see my comment from this morning until just now when I sent a new one I was afraid you didn't get my message and I wanted you to know I was thinking about you and your family so you do not have to post the second one! You know I am new to all this blog stuff!!! Melissa