Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still Stroking

If you are just tuning in you need to read today's first entry or you'll be all kinds of confused...

Here is the 10pm update:

Met my new GI (really like him-Daddy liked him right away; that alone speaks volumes) who is not in agreement with the (now) former GI on the IBS diagnosis. He said my symptoms, pain, location of pain, length of time, etc doesn't jive with IBS. He called me a 'puzzle'. He does have some theories he is working on and he has ordered an EMG. He has some other ideas but we'll deal with those as they arise.

I am currently working on prep for my CT in the morning. I ran into issues this morning when the Barium from the Crohn's test was still hanging out and was giving unreadable pictures. So...I have to get the barium out, after midnight I'm NPO and we'll try again tomorrow.

Carol and Daddy came to see me today. Carol had to see George about Seven (who is still firmly in place and doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in coming out-in other words: 30% effaced/zero dilation but head is farther down) so she got here a little after 4 then Daddy was here at his usual time..about the same time I'm done with my dinner tray and so he can finish it for me.

Mom and Kathy/Crew got stuck in Atlanta in some computer thing that had the flights delayed and cancelled. They were supposed to have been back in Knoxville at 5pm; last I heard from them they were scheduled to fly out at 10:10 tonight. So, I have to wait till tomorrow to get my momma here. She feels horrible for not being here; I want to cry cause she isn't here but we both know it can't be helped and it's certainly not for lack of want that she isn't here. It is what it is....

Steven should be here soon though he'll only get to stay a short time before he has to leave for work. I've talked to the kids who seem to be okay. Isaiah got upset on the phone with me earlier but sounded better when I talked to them to say goodnight. Mary Ellen is taking care of them for us and Todd went over to help with homework. Thank God for retired mother-in-laws and friends that can help with 4th grade Math!

I'll post again when I know something else...or when something crazy happens that I just have to share!


The Burrow said...

Love you Annie, Let me know if you want me to come back up there. I really don't mind. XOXOX-Sara

Naomi said...

crap girl! what do you need?! Can I help? this stinks :(