Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Crazy Week with the Freeman's

The new month kicked of all kinds of crazy in the house. I am supposed to be recovering and resting but life doesn't really allow for that. I am feeling tons better and still getting better with every passing day. Besides Monday & Thursday, I worked a full day every day.

Tuesday Arissa started dance which would have been fine by itself but she also had cheer leading that night. She went to dance from 6-7 (missing an hour of cheer practice) then finished out practice until 7:30. I had to get her to dance, get myself back to practice, leave practice to get her, get us both back to practice, deal with parents, drop off one of my girls, go to the grocery store, then do dinner and homework. We ended up grabbing Chinese food, spreading out books and eating while doing homework. Poor Isaiah was up until after 10.

Wednesday wasn't bad; just worked.

Thursday while I was at the Aquarium with Arissa I got a phone call from Isaiah. He had woken up with a bad headache/possible migraine so was home. He called very upset with how bad is head was hurting and telling me his chest was hurting. I was a little unnerved with the chest pain complaint but stuck in Chattanooga, so I called the doctor to get his opinion. His opinion was a visit to the ER to get checked out. Great! I'll just teleport myself back to Oak Ridge and get him right there! I called Isaiah back, told him to wake up Steven, told Steven what was going on, we decided for me to hang up while Steven did an assessment. In the meantime, I deposited my 2 kids from my group, got the mom that needed to follow me back, and wheeled out of Chattanooga like a bat out of hell. Steven called me back, pronounced Isaiah not on the verge of death and told me not to rush. This was good to know since I HAD to be at cheer practice from 6-730; since this Saturday was the biggest of the year, missing was catastrophic. Luckily, Isaiah fell asleep so that bought me some more time. We practiced and headed home. I fixed Isaiah his favorite meal, hoping that would perk him up. It did a little but it was short lived.

Friday-Isaiah woke up and got ready for school but was still not feeling well. I took Arissa to school and called the doctor at 7:45 and got an 8:30 appointment...diagnosis=sinus infection. Dr James did his handy 'redneck xray' (ask me about it if you're curious), wrote us a script for the antibiotics, and off we went. (That makes 3 scripts a day for Isaiah-migraine preventative, ringworm pill, sinus infection pills--he is certainly my clone!). Cheer practice from 6-730; home to do laundry since our clothes from last week were still dirty; straighten up the house since it looked like a frat house; and get some rest for the next day.

Saturday was the big East/West game. We had to bring our A-game to avoid total humiliation. Thank the cheer gods that all of my girls were ready! After the game, Kathy, Joseph, Arissa, me, Samantha and Tammy went to eat. Then it was a quick stop at Kathy's for some medicine for my knee and a stop to pick up Kamry. We were home for a few minutes then Lynn, Heather, Savannah and JC got here. Steven went to the grocery store, I grilled burgers, and we hung out and watched the Miami/Florida game. (Bonus-Steven came home and him and Lynn brought in all the groceries but Steven told me there was something on the front seat and asked me to go get it. A DOZEN PINK ROSES...yeah, he's awesome). So Heather cut and arranged my roses while I made the burgers, with 3 kids running around, JC locking himself in my bedroom, Lynn and Steven drinking beer and yelling at football. It was NORMAL again. I have so missed NORMAL.

Here are some pics from the game yesterday:

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The Burrow said...

Your girls rocked Saturday! Good job Arissa!