Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Medical Hodge-podge

Let's see...First of all, Arissa is doing terrific! Her incisions are looking great and her energy level is pretty good. She had to go to the eye doctor yesterday and our fears were confirmed..the kid needs glasses. So, she picked out a super cute pair of glasses and she should have them in 7-10 days.

Isaiah's eyes seemed fine (and the insurance won't pay for an exam until 2009) so he'll go back in a year unless something changes between now and then. I wish I had some great glorious news to share about our boy but that isn't the case. His midterm came home with less than stellar grades. That's all I've got to say about that.

Steven is still trucking along and remains the only constantly healthy member of our family.

I saw my neuro on Monday who fell wretched about my Topamax ordeal and apologized all over himself. I appreciated his words and could tell that he took it personally what I have been through. He is planning to report my case to the manufacturer of the drug. He is also contacting my insurance company to fight for Botox approval. This is a tried and true method for me and he feels he has a pretty good shot given the Topamax nightmare. He is also sending me for a sleep study to see if that is a culprit in the migraine mystery. Yesterday I saw my PCP about my knee and other items. The MRI came back normal but he said my knee is clearly NOT normal and is sending me on to a specialist. He does feel that surgery WON'T be necessary so I am thanking God for small blessings. Unfortunately, I have lost more weight (this much I knew) and when I explained my symptoms and typical day he felt that it wasn't a matter of my body getting used to food again (that should have improved weeks ago) and that I need to be seen by my GI. I also got a script for a sinus infection. I told him what was wrong with me, the medicine I needed and the dosage. He said while I am a complicated person, at least I know what I need and also know when to ask for help. I took that as a compliment.

And so...the saga continues.

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