Sunday, October 12, 2008

A family kind of week

Adding to the stresses of my ongoing health struggles was the death of my new, beloved camera. Fuji was my friend and perhaps, I wore him out. He suddenly stopped working. I bought him new batteries thinking that would perk him dice. Fuji is now repacked and headed back to the land of HSN for a replacement. Yes, I realize it is just a camera and there are far worse tragedies in this world but I had coveted Fuji for months, had visited him in the store to play, with promises that one day I would bring him home and he would be mine. He sat useless on my kitchen table all week. THIS was the week I needed him. Grandma Mary was here, Georgene came for a visit, we went to the St. Mary's Fall Festival where Arissa climbed the rock wall and bungee jumped, I saw Hunter no less than 4 times this week. Those moments lay only in my mind as Fuji was not available to capture these moments for eternity. I have hopes that the fine folks at HSN will be speedy in sending a replacement; I have concerns that there will be no more Fuji's available and I will have to choose another model. My family hasn't turned me in for a different model even though I am broken...why should I have to do the same to Fuji?

Okay, I'm done whining about Fuji.

So, Grandma Mary and Aunt Marti blew into town on their way home from visiting other family in Illinois. We all went out to Mom and Dad's on Thursday night to visit and have supper. It was a joint effort of our culinary skills...Mom went all out and put not one but TWO pans of Stouffer's lasagna in the oven, I made a tossed salad, Carol heated up garlic bread and Kathy made a pan of brownies and family favorite, chocolate eclair. No one cared what we ate; we got full, loved on Hunter (and each other), got our fill of Gma Mary pink lipstick kisses and had a nice night. It has been quite awhile since all of us were together to eat and hang. I had forgotten how fun we can be when we're all together. It was merely a stop-over for Gma and Aunt Marti so they were gone as fast as they had arrived.

Friday night the kids and I went to the grocery store then came home to clean our super gross house. I did the best I could with my limited amount of energy and strength but was disappointed that I didn't go full force for the entire house. It is much better than it was so it wasn't a total loss. Steven was gone to the Oak Ridge football game so it was just me, the kids and the iPod. I always get distracted at the same point in their play list...the Cupid Shuffle. Isaiah found it most comical that I was vacuuming and shuffling at the same time. I think he was screaming for me to stop before someone saw me (who? I don't know) but I just laughed and shuffled on.

Saturday we were supposed to cheer in Campbell County but again, the disorganization of the VFC threw a wrench in our plans. We found out on our way to the game that the time had been changed from 1pm to 6pm. After making frantic phone calls to my squad to go back home we stopped at Willow Ridge Nursery. Steven and I have a weakness for Willow Ridge. They make shrubs and flowers look like child's play and those folks have gotten more of my money than I care to admit. We did a really good job and just looked Saturday with the only purchase being a birthday gift for Georgene. Steven wanted to go to the golf course, I had a family activity in mind. It was a beautiful day and the St. Mary's Fall Festival was happening. We'd never gone (the kids had with Grandma) so we decided to give it a shot. We met up with Mom and Georgene and I turned into super-crab. It was one of those days that I really wanted to have fun but nothing was making me happy. I admitted I was a crab, which is half the battle right? Anyways, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I think Arissa is the only one that had a good time. We came home for a few hours then headed out to Mom & Dad's for dinner to celebrate Georgene's 65th birthday. We don't typically celebrate her birthday but this was a 'big' one and she happened to be in town. It was the least we could do for the woman that has been with our family for as long as my memory stretches, has let me be sick in her bed, puke in her car, has seen us through unexpected babies, failed marriages, remarriages, moves, and all the twists and turns our lives have taken. She dotes on our kids like they are her own grandkids and our kids love her as much as they love their other grandparents. Daddy fried chicken wings and fries, I brought my now favorite pasta salad (thanks Sara, my Daddy loves the Italian dressing pasta salad), and we hung out around a fire. Good times, good times.

Today we've killed and buried a mouse, went to church, ate lunch, made dip cones, done laundry, washed cars and the house and watched football.

Arissa FINALLY goes back to school tomorrow. The child has been out for a month and we (and her) are ready for her to be back in a routine. Isaiah has a fall break coming up in a week or two and it will be his turn to sleep while the other is at school. Tomorrow I start PT for my knee. I saw an ortho guy last week who put a really long needle in it, gave me a diagnosis, and was optomistic about the chances of my recovery without surgery.

So, I think that is about all for now. Thanks for hanging with me...I will be sure to post after my long awaited GI appointment on Friday. I ask your prayers for answers (or at least plans to get answers), wisdom of the doctor, patience for me and everyone else that crosses my path, and peace for whatever comes out of this.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT was a post! Thank you! Mom

Anonymous said...

If you get enough mice they make a nice coat. dad