Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hunter Love and Crazy Day

I don't rise until 730am. Isaiah and Arissa wake themselves up, get ready for school, eat, brush, etc. then wake me up when it is time to leave for school. I roll out of the bed, pee, throw on my shoes, grab my keys and take them in my jammies. Most days I come home and lay back down for 30 or 45 minutes before getting ready for work. I used to be at work at 730 every morning. Those days are looonnnnggg gone.

This morning was different. Carol's sitter was sick so she needed someone to watch Hunter. His Uncle Tebie (Steven) volunteered to watch the little fellow. So that meant I needed to be up and ready by 7am. We were supposed to leave promptly at 7 to meet Carol in Oliver Springs at 715. Got the kids in the truck and it was dead. Not just a little dead. A whole lot dead. So after cussing I called Carol, told her she would have to bring Hunter to me, called Steven to vent, then called AAA for some roadside assistance. I told Arissa she would have to ride the bus, checked the bus schedule to see what time she needed to leave and sat back and waited. I sent Arissa out the door, in the 29degree weather, to hitch a ride on the school bus. She wasn't gone a minute when I heard her bust back through the front door and drop her bags. I met her on the stairs and she was out of breath, trying not to cry and see through her fogged up glasses. Apparently there was a strange car that pulled up next to her and stopped. She stood there for a minute then her gut instinct kicked in and sister turned tail and ran like hell home. I looked out the door but the car was gone. (We found out later today that it was actually a well meaning neighbor with tinted windows and since it was still dark outside it made it even harder for Arissa to see who it was. Regardless, I am proud of Arissa for trusting her gut and running).

Carol pulls up a few minutes later with Hunter and his gear. We got the low down from her. She gave her kisses and was off. We waited for the AAA man who finally showed up about the same time Hunter decided he was hungry. So I made him a bottle, sat him in his carrier on top of the video game and rolled a blanket to prop the bottle. Isaiah was pretty impressed with my skills and I informed him this wasn't my first trip to the rodeo; told them to make sure he didn't choke or end up with the nipple in his ear. Dealt with AAA man, got the truck started and off to the dentist we went, a mere 30 minutes late. Got Isaiah taken care of, dropped both kids off at school, sent Steven and Hunter home to sleep and couldn't find my phone. So I came home to see if it was here or at the dentist (Steven had it) left again and went straight to Starbucks for some sanity in a cup then FINALLY headed to work.

Slow day at work except for the fact that my guts were working overtime and my head was hurting. I hung around until 3 then came home for a nap before PT. I met Steven and crew at PT where I got Hunter, who hung with the receptionist while I did my exercises, then delivered him back to Carol. I am now firmly planted in my recliner and dinner is 'find it and fix it'. This Momma is D-O-N-E!!

The scene I walked into when I came home to look for my phone:

Isaiah took these:

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