Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nothing's Up....

or wrong, just nothing going on!

I've been sick since Monday and returned to work on Thursday. Nothing major, just typical crud that everyone else has. I feel much better with the exception of the insanely annoying scratchy throat that is lingering.

Today I have major grocery shopping to tackle. Our regular groceries need to be shopped for and I am buying everything I can at this time for our Christmas dinner. That I will be preparing. By myself. In a condo in Gatlinburg. I am super excited! Worse case scenario, we'll be found at Shoney's for Christmas dinner. Either way, it will be a memorable Christmas for us.

Isaiah brought home his mid-term with all A's and B's! We are very proud of him and hope he keeps those grades up.

Like I said, nothing going on here.

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