Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update on my 'guts'

There was good, bad and ugly with Dr Brown (the GI) today.

The good--he is NOT giving up. I go a week from tomorrow for a gastric emptying test to check the motility of my guts. He is wondering if things aren't working as they should since I get full so fast then have severe discomfort after eating. If motility is the culprit, there are medications. He brought up the motility issue before I presented it to him. He also brought up the Mayo clinic. He said he understands if I want to go and he would help me get there if that is what we decide to do. Again, he brought this up, not me. We (Steven & I) have decided to exhaust all our local options before heading to Mayo but it is good to know we have Dr Brown's support if/when we make that decision.

The bad--I was down 2 more pounds since my last visit.

The ugly--a feeding tube is a very real possibility if things don't turn around by the time I see him in January. This is certainly not a path I want to travel but it is what it is and if that is what I need to be healthy, then so be it. Hopefully, if that is needed, it will be short term and enough to jump start my guts to behaving.

Again, we wait and trust

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