Saturday, November 15, 2008

When you BELIEVE....

We found a new church home and for the first time in my memory I am not only excited about going to church, but I feel very lost when I don't go. I have a new found interest in my faith. Don't get me wrong, I am still way flawed and have an extremely long road to hoe in this journey but I feel the promise of a new day. I was excited this week to have God show me His hand in my life. Truthfully, excited wasn't the word...scared is more like it....hard to explain if you haven't been where I am.

As I stated before, the washing machine I bought 8 years ago (used) for $150 spun its last load and that was all she wrote. I was livid. So mad that we are struggling the way we are and the thing picks now to die. Last year it wouldn't have been any big deal. We would have wheeled down to the Maytag store and bought one that same day. This year, the idea of replacing an appliance makes me tick. So I panicked then somehow I let it go. A week passed and Steven I met at the Maytag store to hunt for a 'scratch and dent' bargain. After a few minutes of speaking with the owner I realized that this was a new owner, new store name....DUDE NEEDS NEW SIGNS! So, we chatted and I gave him my card. He mentioned that he would work with me on whatever I needed if I'd work with him on a sign. DUH! Monday I talked to Todd about it, he offered to give the sale to a salesman, I said 'no', if he would help me, I wanted to sell it. I went back to the Maytag store Thursday morning with the intention of buying a washer flat out (still working with the man on his sign but it takes longer than a few days to get a sign deal together and Momma needed a washer). Ended up coming out of there with a nicer washer than I planned on getting with nothing out of my pocket. Got to the office and met with my old boss about cleaning the office and he brought me a photocopy of his devotional for that day. And it was what I needed to hear. At the end of the day, Todd went out to run a few errands and came back with a package for me that took the air out of my lungs. It was the Bible I had been eyeballing and just the night before had told Steven I wanted. I had not told Todd about the conversation with Steven. I picked up Isaiah from his tutor and she handed me a Daily Devotional for Dec-Jan-Feb. A perfect gift to help me in my journey and the perfect companion to my new Bible.

Before I would have told you that "my planets had aligned" that day and "man, what a coincidence Thursday was!" Today, I will tell you that I have no doubts in my heart that it was God. Plain and simple. I have felt what it is really like when you 'LET GO AND LET GOD'...and it feels so good.

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The Burrow said...

Anne - We have been best friends for what...five years? Well then for five years I have been waiting for this blog. It has brought tears to my eyes. I love you Anne, my sister in Christ. Welcome Home.