Friday, December 19, 2008

Status? Already Over It

Let me start by saying I am in no way, shape, form or fashion NOT completely and totally over the moon about our upcoming week out of town. It's the 'getting there' part that has me in a slump.

Thank the Lord we don't have visitors often at our house or else I would have to issue hardhats and have people sign waivers before entering. If you come through the front door you will no longer notice my stunningly beautiful tree but you will instead be greeted by Steven's ginormous suitcase. I am certain this thing is older than me and I could totally fold up in it...yes, it's that large. And ugly. Did I mention he covets this suitcase and we've moved it several times yet this is the only time I can actually recall it being used? I bought us beautiful shiny new luggage just for this trip. I come home to find he's packed. And used the giant suitcase. Don't be looking for any tales of my trying to get that thing anywhere. If it doesn't have a pull up handle and smooth gliding wheels, I don't fool with it.
Arissa was so darn excited about the new luggage she claimed one of the larger pieces, leaving Isaiah with 2 mismatched pieces to handle all his clothes. His shoes? Yeah, she took all the room for those, too. My dining room table is covered in ecofriendly Kroger bags overflowing with baking supplies, spices, and snacks. The bar is being occupied by a large Rubbermaid container that will double as a coffin in a pinch. I have a cooler that will be packed tomorrow. Then there's the big ol' bird to wrangle and booze to pack. MUST. NOT. FORGET. BOOZE.

I should have paid someone to get us there. At this point I am thinking it would have been money well spent.

Let's not even discuss the conversation I had with Steven regarding my shoes. Let's just say they are getting their OWN suitcase. Priorities, people! And where else did you think Arissa got it from?

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