Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Steps, Baby

I am still improving....little by little. I did a WHOLE lot on Friday and Saturday and today I'm tired and my jaws are sore and swollen. I must remember..BABY STEPS!

Friday and Saturday were both spent with Sara shopping for a gown for the Boys and Girls Club Gala (or Prom for Moms as I like to call it). Sara made her decision Friday. I made a purchase but wasn't IN LOVE with it like I wanted to be so we continued our search on Saturday. And I was successful. It's stunning and doesn't make me look too thin. I also look like a grown up instead of a grown up dressing like she's 17. I'll be sure to post pictures from the event (it isn't until Valentines Day).

Arissa gets her braces this Thursday and Isaiah gets his bottom braces. Both are pretty excited and I can't wait to see the difference they make on Arissa. We've already been 'wowed' by the transformation on Isaiah.

Both kids went to Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry's Friday night for the great bonfire. There was a ginormous tree that fell awhile back that wasn't good for firewood so they got a burn permit, some gasoline and lit it up. I think Isaiah and Arissa thought they were going down to hang, roast some weenies and marshmallows and sing KumByYa. HA! Those kids worked their fannies off! Jerry told them to please not get burned because he feared after the last time spent with him adding skin grafts might just make me change my mind about being allowed to play with him! Thankfully, no one was harmed in the burning of the tree and I would be willing to bet the fire is still going. I will say that I am very proud to hear what a great help my kids are. Carol and Jerry were both very forthcoming with praises of their help.

I start PT tomorrow for my jaws. I'm warning you now to be prepared for whining. The evaluation last week flared me up so bad I was miserable. I know it has to be done but I'm not looking forward to going 3 times a week.

I can't find my card reader thingy, hence the lack of photos lately. I'll ask Isaiah where it is cause for some reason....he always knows!


iyonwira... said...

Yes you are the coolest of them all. And I see that Delilah is looking out for you. WAIT! When was your birthday? was it yesterday? Is that why you were with mi madre?? Anyway... FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MI AMIGA!
I love you!

iyonwira... said...

haha. i hope you got a really pretty dress!
and i know that you are not old i tell everyone that they are old on there birthday.
and im NEVER going to tell what iyonwira... means. thank you for saying my backgroud is cute and howcome Delilah didn't send me a birthday greeting!?!?!?!